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Yoder Type Wet Sieve Shaker

We are leading manufacturing company of wet sieve shaker machine. Our Wet Sieve Shaker consists of a water reservoir and a holder which can hold up to 7 sieves of 8 inch diameter (150 MM or 200 MM). A heavy duty belt driven motor (¼ HP) is used for highly efficient functioning of this web sieving machine. A timer is also available as option. This automatic timer is of imported brand and can be used with 0 to 60 minutes of time set.


Heavy duty belt driven motor Ideal for wet sieving analysis
Sturdy construction Accuracy of mechanical sieving
Easy maintenance Efficient Drainage System


Model BST-WSY80
Product Wet Sieve Shaker
Construction Mild Steel / Stainless Steel
Test Sieves Up to 8 inches
Motor ¼ HP Branded
Accessories Water Reservoir & Holder
Timer Automatic, 0 - 60 Minutes (Optional)
Capacity 1 Set of Sieves
2 Set of Sieves
4 Set of Sieves
Power Supply 230 / 240 Volts
Certification ISO and CE

Bionics Scientific is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter company of wet sieve shaker machine Yoder type. With the use of latest engineering technology we are able to design and develop a sieve shaking machine for wet sieving process that meets your processing needs. We supply these units to all over India, Asia, Africa and Middle East at economical price and with excellent warranty.

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