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Salt Spray Chamber

Whether you are new to corrosion atmosphere testing or have been conducting testing for years, we present Salt spray chambers or Salt Fog Chambers that are not only easy to use and maintain but also provide the accuracy and flexibility necessary to meet today's demanding corrosion test procedures including Salt Spray Test, Condensation Water Test and Cyclic Corrosion Test. These machines create three types of manually adjusted environment; salt spray, high humidity and air drying at any given temperature within the chamber. Any combination of these environments can be programmed, in any order, to form a corrosion cycle. Such a corrosion cycle can be automatically repeated a predetermined number of times.

Our models meet the requirements of basic, continuous salt spray tests conducted at a single temperature only, such as ASTM B117 and similar international test standards, and may be used with pH neutral salt solutions (NSS) or those acidified by the addition of Acetic Acid (ASS), Seawater Acidified Test (SWAAT) or Cupric Acid (CASS). Models above 480 Liters of capacity are ideal for Cyclic Corrosion Cabinet (Cyclic Corrosion Chamber).

In Laboratories corrosion tests are used extensively for selection of materials and their surface protection. Our Corrosion box chambers are what you need to predict corrosion resistance of materials such as paints and coatings and are designed and developed to meet the widest possible range of industry standards:

• Salt fog testing as specified in DIN 50021
• Condensed water test as specified in DIN 50017 and EN ISO 6988
• Standard climates as specified by DIN 50015


Seamless curved design for maximum service life Double walled anti-corrosion FRP construction
See-through acrylic cover optimizes test observation Digital PID controller for easy operation
Special glass nozzle, ensures no crystal jam in 4000 hours Direct steam heating w/ high and uniform rate Short standby time
Dual Over temperature protection Automatic restart after power interruption

With these Corrosion Test Chambers you can perform different corrosion tests including Salt Spray Test, Condensation Water Test and Cyclic Corrosion Test. With the commitment of high quality product service, we are designing and developing our systems based on users' experience and current industry demand. Below mentioned are detailed specifications, please read those for complete information and for any queries contact us by email:


Designed with four capacities 108 liters, 270 liters, 480 liters and 980 liters. However these salt spray testers and boxes can also be designed for higher capacities based on customers' requirements.

Chamber Construction

Made with anti-corrosion FRP sheets ensuring that the equipment is not attacked or rotted by the corrosive salt solution. The chamber construction is double walled insulated with high density ceramic wool.


PID controllers for Chamber and Humidifier with separate timer and manual control of water level in the humidifier. As an option we also provide PLC based control system for digital measurement and control of system. Operating parameters are followed by graphic color touch panel.


The upper cover or lid is robust and made of FRP / Acrylic sheet. This lid is pneumatic operated enabling easy opening and closing while operation. Lid with FRP material a full size window enables viewing of samples without disturbing the test.

Spray Nozzle

The salt spray nozzle (glass nozzle) is imported from Germany and designed as per DIN specified.

Solution Storage

A temperature controlled non- corrosive storage tank for solution storage is provided with Immersion heater fitted in it.


Nnon-metallic, anti-corrosive and capable of producing a fine fog of 20 - 30 micron. (Optional - Clear and transparent Lucite atomizer for better aesthetics and sturdiness.)


Capacity 108 Liters 270 Liters 480 Liters 980 Liters
Brine tank capacity 15 Liters 25 Liters 40 Liters 50 Liters
Test Types NSS + CASS Test
Temperature Range 35°C to 55°C
Temperature Fluctuations ≤ ± 0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity ≤ ± 2°C
Temperature Precision ± 1°C
Test Chamber Temperature Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS) 35°C ±1°C
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method(CASS) 50°C ±1°C
Saturated air Barrel Temperature Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS) 47°C ±1°C
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method(CASS) 63°C ±1°C
Brine Temperature 35°C ±1°C, 50°C ±1°C
Spray Quantity 1.0 to 2.0 ml / 80cm2 / hr
Air pressure 1.00 ± 0.01kgf/cm2
pH Control Range Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS) 6.5 to 7.2
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method (CASS) 3.0 to 3.2
Nozzle Glass Nozzle (Made in Germany)
Timer 0 to 9999 (H. M. S.)
Construction Double walled corrosion resistant FRP
Internal Chamber Corrosion Resistant FRP
Insulation High density ceramic wool
Lid Cover Acrylic Sheet / PVC w/ Pneumatic Operation
Display LCD Display w/ Backlit
Control Panel Basic PID Controller OR
LCD Touch Screen Interface, PLC Based Control Panel
Atomizer Glass /Acrylic (non-reactive to salt solution)
Air Regulator Precise regulator w/ gauge ranging from 0 - 30 psi
Drainage Solution and water drain out tap
Caster Wheel Revolving Type (Optional)
Power Supply 220 / 230 / 240 Volts

Optional Accessories:

Lucite Atomizer Flow Control system Peristaltic pump and flow meter for salt mist fall rate control
pH meter (Table Top or Pen Type) Humidity Indicator - Hand held or panel mounted Air Compressor
Water de-ionizer Chamber Illumination Touch Screen control console
Refrigeration Module / Attachment - for below ambient testing Revolving Caster Wheels Calibration Certificate


Electronics Electrical Automotive
Paint / Coating Test Hardware Tools Medical Equipment
Marine Aerospace Material Test
Railway Defense General Engineering
Salt Spray Test Condensation Water Test Cyclic Corrosion Test

We area leading salt spray chamber manufacturer, supplier and exporter company based in India. Not limited to standard models, we also offering tailor made services to our clients. If you have specific requirements in your corrosion test chamber, you can freely contact our technical team.

These units are fully tested and certified prior delivery to the customers' place. We also provide AMC, repair and maintenance services for salt spray chambers within India. To know more about price, warranty and supply details please send us email mentioning all your detailed queries. Our customer support executives will contact you with precise information you want.

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