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Stirring Water Bath

Our company presents you a line of magnetic stirring thermostatic water bath systems, made of high quality components, long lasting performance and safe for operator and samples, Our Water Baths are said to be perfect laboratory equipment and are used in variety of lab applications including culture applications and general laboratory works. Standard models are available with capacities from 6 liters to 28 liters, however if you need any specific capacity you welcome to discuss your requirements with our qualified engineers. Being a stirrer water bath manufacturing company, we are also providing custom designed water bath systems matched with international level of quality standards and with excellent warranty and services.


Corrosion Resistant stainless steel construction Analog or microprocessor based temperature control
Safety cut-off switchwith alarm Good temperature stability and uniformity
Optional external circulation pump Safe for operator and samples

These water bath stirred systems are CE Marked and are available with analog and digital models. In analog models temperature setting is done with rotary knob whereas in digital stirred water bath equipment temperature setting is controlled by PID microprocessor based touch keypad.

For durability and long lasting performance external chamber is made of chemical resistant paint finish 304 grade stainless steel. Inner chamber (tank) is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel which is crevice free.

All these equipment come with full safety measures and safe for operators as well as for samples to be examined. These units are equipped with safety cut-off switch and alarm with provide low liquid level and over temperature protection.

These water baths are supplied with optional accessories that are recommend to use while operation of the unit, it includes Stainless steel Gable cover, concentric rings lid, float balls and immersion height adjustable tray.

Furthermore, along with standard stirred water bath models, customized units are also designed and manufactured on demand matching to the specific requirements. With every equipment uptime after sales service and maintenance are provided.


Tank Capacity (liters) 6 Liters 12 Liters 22 Liters
Temperature range ambient +5°C to 90°C
Stirring Speed Up to 2400 rpm
Sensitivity + / - 0.2°C
Uniformity + / - 0.05°C
External Construction 304 Stainless Steel w/ power coated
Internal Construction Stainless Steel
Temperature Setting Analog / Digital
Temperature Reading Digital
Display LCD
Power Supply 110 / 220 Volts
Optional Accessory External Circulation Pump
Safety Features Safety cut-off switch w/ alarm
RS232 Port Optional

Bionics Scientific is a stirrer water bath manufacturer, supplier and exporter based in India and supplies these units to all over India, Asia, Africa and Middle East countries at factory price. Along with standard models we also provide trustworthy services for custom designed water bath systems with magnetic stirrers. Customers can consult with our team of engineers of which type of equipment is suitable for their specific application.

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