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Vortex Mixer

Bionics Scientific has developed a nice selection of laboratory vortex mixers that feature noiseless orbital movement of the rubber cup and many accessories /attachments. Often known as vortex shaker or vortex mixture, these instruments come with fixed and adjustable (variable) speed range up to 2800 rpm.

Our vortex mixer shakers are designed to perform most of mixing requirements required in laboratories. The direct motor drive design makes these instruments more compact and portable. Each model comes equipped with a specific speed range model BST/VM-501 features two modes of operation; touch mode at 2800rpm for quick mix and larger tubes; continuous mode for continuously mixing at lower rpm (1000rpm). In this case, users do not need to worry about adjusting the speed when used in continue mode, avoiding the spin off the sample adapter during operation. This vortex mixer comes with standard rubber cup for the touch stirring and a plastic adapter which can use different foam format. Customers may also order different foam types with different types of vials as mentioned below.


Support various test tube sizes Offer smooth and instant vortexing
Compatible with incubator and cold rooms Spill-proof electronic controls
Powerful Motor for Instant vortex Suction cup feet prevents from slipping
Touch and continuous modes Flexibility with a broad range of accessories


Model BST/VM-501 BST/VM-502
Speed 1000 rpm in continuous mode
2800 rpm in touch mode
2800 rpm
Orbit 4.2mm 4.2mm
Action type Touch and continuous Touch
Included 1 rubber cup & plastic adapter 1 rubber cup
Max. Load 1 kg 1kg
Power Supply 220 / 230 Volts 50 Hz
Optional Accessories - Rubber Cup
- Plate adapter with rubber disc
- Plain adapter foam
- Foam with 96X0.2 well
- Foam with 60X0.5 well
- Foam with 12mm well
- Foam with different well

Bionics Scientific is a vortex mixer manufacturer in India. The company offers its customers to choose from available standard models with number of optional accessories that include rubber cup, plate adapter with rubber disc and foam with different sizes of wells. All these vortex mixer shakers are supplied all over India and overseas at very reasonable price and of course with excellent warranty.

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