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Experience world class refrigeration and freezing technology with Bionics Scientific; a laboratory refrigerator company in India. We design, manufacture and supply widest range of refrigerators and freezers for medical and pharmacy laboratories. Our laboratory refrigerators and freezers are designed to provide ideal temperature solutions for storage of blood, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medicines, and samples etc. Every refrigeration unit that we produce features temperature stability, user friendly controls and rugged construction for long service life meeting required regulations and standards. These refrigeration systems combine facilities of temperature documentation and monitoring, alarm and system control etc.

In addition to standard (pre-engineered) refrigerator and freezer models, we also manufacture customized units that meet specific temperature range, control systems, capacity and volume to keep samples. Our laboratory refrigerators and freezers are carefully designed at our factory and supplied all over India and overseas at factory price with excellent warranty and after sales service. These units are available in different designs such as under counter, benchtop and chest and upright. Our lab refrigerators can be manufactured as single or double doors systems, large cabinets can also me made with three doors.

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