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Environmental Test Chambers offer precisely controlled environment required in insect and biological research, electronics production (battery testing and PCB manufacturing) and polymer testing (plastic and rubber testing) etc. Designed ruggedly and fitted with technology advanced instruments, our environmental chambers are available from benchtop cabinets to complex large capacity walk in rooms. At Bionics Scientific, we design and manufacture environmental chambers or climatic test chambers matching with customer required specifications and supply them worldwide at factory price.

Customized Environment Chambers

We do understand the importance of customization; at Bionics Scientific, we cautiously design and manufacture environment chambers that meet specific requirements of your research. Our scope of customization includes modification a system with available options and construction of a complete customized unit. The advantage of direct contact with our engineering team gives our clients a facility to develop their specific environmental test chamber in a very efficient manner. Assisting with years of experience and skilled engineers, we provide our customers a test chamber solution to optimize their research goals. Custom manufacturing is described as constructing a test chamber following specific design, size and temperature range (heating, cooling and freezing).

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