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Temperature and Humidity test chambers

Humidity and Temperature test chambers by Bionics Scientific are designed to provide such environment where highly accurate control of relative humidity and temperature is required. These heat only climatic chambers are new generation systems that provide superior level of performance over a wide range of application areas including testing products relating to aerospace, electronics, pharmaceutical, automobile and environmental stress screening etc.

We manufacture humidity and test chamber in various sizes and temperature ranges; in addition, a number of optional accessories are fitted to enhance user experience. These systems are capable of delivering precise humidity and temperature control, while offering low maintenance requirements and built-in safety features for your operator. Depending upon requirements, we can design humidity chambers as cabinet type or large sized walk-in room type with complete on-site and off-site validation packages. All these units are supplied throughout India and overseas at factory price.


Ideal for High and low temperature testing Environmental Stress Test Screening applications
Quick temperature change rate Corrosion resistant interior chamber
Painted galvanized steel exterior Hinged doors for easy access
Viewing window w/ interior light Easy access to frequently checked refrigeration components
Reliable steam generator system for humidity applications Sheathed electric heaters for safety and reliability
Hermetically sealed compressors RS-232 serial communications
ISO, UL and CE Approved Test Chamber can be managed remotely with Ethernet/LAN-based Web Controller
Adjustable vanes in supply grille allow directing of airflow as needed Low maintenance and easy to clean

These equipment are designed for variety of applications and further constructed in benchtop and reach-in models with up to 3500 liters of capacity. From to basic to advanced temperature / humidity requirements, these environment chambers by Bionics Scientific are tailor made to exact needs.

Temperature / Humidity:

Designed with 3 different temperature ranges which can be further customized as required. These temperature ranges are ambient to 70°C. Humidity ranges from 20% to 98% RH with stability of + / - 3%. Temperature of heating and cooling functions is monitored and controlled by LCD / LED digital display with stability of + / - 5°C. All our humidity chambers are fitted with over temperature safety cut out.


Equipped with microprocessor PID control featuring high contrast LCD display and CPU logic control system. These units provide optimum control of temperature, humidity and other parameters are controlled by microprocessor PID controllers. A high contrast LCD display displays measurement of temperature, humidity, set-point, present value etc.


Interior and exterior chambers are made of painted and corrosion resistant 304 grades stainless steel. Shelves are made of heavy-duty stainless steel wire, easy to clean and adjustable. All humidity chamber models are trolley mounted with heavy duty caster wheels for easy mobility of equipment. Indoor glass door is optional which allows visibility of samples to be tested. Outer door is glass wool insulated and equipped with solid handle, locking system, silicone packing and optional viewing widow. Efficient lighting system enables users to view inside the chamber without glare.

Heating System:

The SUS tube heater is used with drying and humidity bulbs.

Humidity System:

A low pressure moisture generator tank is used to generate the moisture and add humidity in the chamber. A high capacity immersion heater having 1 V4 BSP threading has been provided inside the moisture tank. This moisture tank is provided along with low water level controller with mechanical float type refilling arrangement.

Air-Circulation system:

For effective air circulation inside the unit a 1/8HP capacity ac motor with impeller is provided. This air-circulation system is responsible for constant temperature and humidity condition inside the system chamber.

Computer Interface:

Computer interface is an optional feature, a software and RS-232C port are provided as standard. This feature allows storage of program information, backup of value settings / recovery, and temperature / humidity values. RS-485 communication port offers connection of a maximum of 9 temperature & humidity chamber units to one PC.

Safety Features:
Power supply circuit breaker
Over current protector
Overheat& overcool temperature protectors
Unit shuts down after alarm for over heating
Door opening alarm


Model No. BST/TH-170 BST/TH-285 BST/TH-340 BST/TH-500
Internal Volume 170 LTRS 285 LTRS 340 LTRS 500 LTRS
No. of Shelves 3 3 5 5
Internal Dimensions
W x D x H (mm)
500 x 410 x 840 580 x 490 x 990 620 x 520 x 1020 700 x 600 x 1100
External Dimensions
W x D x M (mm)
620 x 670 x 1380 700 x 750 x 1530 740 x 780 x 1510 830 x 870 x 1770
Temperature Control Microprocessor based PID controller
Temperature Range: Ambient to 60°C
Accuracy: ± 1°C
Sensor: PT100
Humidity Range: 20% to 95%
Accuracy: ± 3%
Air circulation Blowers
Lighting Fluorescent lamp
Construction Inner: Stainless steel 304 (SS 316 Optional)
Exterior: MS Powder coated (SS 316 / 304 Optional)
Shelves: Stainless steel 304
Insulation: Glass wool
Optional Accessories - Water recirculation System
- PLC control panel
- RS 232 port / USB port
- Printer
- Audio / Visual alarms
- Temperature / Humidity Chart recorder
- Viewing glass door
- Caster wheels
- Extra shelves
- UV lights
- Ethernet Interface
- DQ, OQ, PQ & IQ Certificates
Electrical 220-240 Volts, 50 Hz. Single Phase

Bionics Scientific is a leading humidity temperature test chamber manufacturer in India. Our engineers carefully customize humidity temperature test chambers and walk-in rooms that meet industry specific research based applications. Each unit is tested on various parameters in our factory before delivery ensuring worry free performance at customers' site. For price, quotation and other important details, please email your query or just talk to one of our customer support executive, they will assist you with precise information you need.

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