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Over 25 years, Bionics Scientific has been manufacturing cost effective and energy efficient laboratory ovens that are being used in curing, drying, baking, moisture removal and various testing procedures etc. We manufacture ovens for various industries such as laboratory, biomedical lab and pharmaceutical, textile, rubber, food manufacturing, coal, chemical and paint etc.

It is our experience, engineering team and technology that allow us serving you best product available on the market today. We offer broad range of laboratory ovens with scope of customized specifications and sizes (dimensions). Whether you need tabletop oven, floor mounted or large sized oven, we can design the exact system that meets or exceed your requirements. There are optional accessories such as microprocessor controller, chart recorder, printer and wheels etc. we can fit them as required.

Our laboratory ovens feature excellent level of temperature accuracy, while meeting various international quality standards and promising to higher level of customer satisfaction. Below mentioned are some of our lab oven range; their pages describe their features, specifications and scope of customization, please read the details and if there are any questions related to price, custom manufacturing and supply etc. please write us an email or talk to one of our customer support executives.

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